Oral Motor Stimulation Made So Simple

A little massage can go a long way with kids that seek oral motor stimulation. The NUK brush was originally created as a teether to alleviate teething symptoms in unhappy babies. As caregivers and therapists used this unique massage brush , they began to discover and value it's multi-functional use for babies and kids with oral motor needs. This oral brush has now become a sought after solution for picky eaters and children with low oral muscle tone all over the world. The nubby surface can hold tastes of liquid, purees or crumbs and can be used as a baby spoon for initial feedings or simply to introduce children to new textures and tastes. Gently massage the flexible, nubby texture on and around the gums before eating to stimulate the jaw muscles for stronger biting and better chewing. The NUK massage brush is also great for preparing little ones to get acquainted with the feel of a tooth brush. Older kids love this oral brush as well and can keep it on hand for some quick oral motor stimulation, desensitization, and tactile awareness. Made out of craton and polypropylene. Latex free. Ages 6 months+. Adult supervision required. This item is not returnable.

Nuk brush
  • As low as $3.99
  • The NUK brush for tactile exploration and oral motor stimulation
  • Perfect shape and size for little mouthes
  • Nubby textured surface promotes better eating in kids
  • Oral brush that can be used as a baby spoon, teether, and introductory tooth brush
  • condition (new) sealed
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Product Reviews

"Our two-year-old has sensory processing issues and needs to have safe "chewies." The nuk brush is one of his favorites. We also feel that it has helped to get him more used to tooth brushing."

"My son has oral sensitivity. This brush is a great product. We have been told that it helps in reducing texture issues and it seem to be helping. Great product! I wish they have more options like these for the kids to over come oral aversion!"

"This product is great for kiddos who need help developing their senses in their mouth. My boy has oral motor (tongue) issues and may not be able to feel things inside his mouth like the typical 3 year old. I use it after brushing every night to help improve his oral motor and sense. My kid has no problem brushing, so it's easy to use this Nuk brush with him."

"This is great for oral sensory stimulation for my sensory kiddo."


Q. What is the manufacturer age recommended for the Nuk brush?

A. 6 months+ with adult supervision of course.

Q. Is this product designed only for kids with sensory issues?

A. No, this item has multiple uses, from Oral stimulation and teething to tactile awareness .

Q. Is the Nuk brush made of safe materials? 

A.  Latex free, the head is made out of craton and the handle, polypropylene.

Q. is the Nuk brush dishwasher safe?

A. Can be washed with hot soapy water (not dishwasher safe)