There are a number of museums that have sensory friendly options for a more comfortable and stress free visit. For example, The Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia provides families a Quiet Spot for the Day when they are in need of sensory breaks, Quiet Kits provide special objects to calm children down and early morning and evening access at certain times for those with disabilities. Click here for more information on the Please Touch Museum of Philadelphia.

The Children’s Museum of Houston hosts a Sensory Friendly Day for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders to come and visit the museum at their own pace. During this semi-annual event the doors are closed to the general public and this allows families to get to connect with one another and the children to enjoy their day in a more comfortable and accepting environment.

The Hand’s On Museum in Olympia, Washington hosts Special Nights of Play for children with Autism Disorders to come experience the museum for a private and less stimulating visit. The museum provides a lot of hands on fun and learning for children and has been voted “The Best Fun Place for Kids” for over a decade!

These are just a few museums that offer sensory events for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Do a simple search to see if any of the museums in your area have events like these and plan your next trip!